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Share-A-Lead is a modern and safe platform for sharing and receiving leads. Grow your network and find the best specialists for your projects using an easy to implement mobile app! Get trustworthy leads from your contacts and also develop your professional circle by being recommended by others for your services.

Build Your Own Leads Group!

With just a few clicks you can now share leads and get recommendations! Share-A-Lead app enables you to validate and monitor your “own network” efficiency and facilitates direct communication. The difference is using Share-A-Lead platform consists in the credibility it provides, because it is based on real-life relationships. It works like a data base where you can find reliable professionals from different activity fields.

How Does Share-A-Lead Work?

Download the app from Google Play, create your profile describing your business/competences and start adding your leads. Invite your contacts to use the mobile app and starting building and growing your network with Share-A-Lead!


Lead Providers

You can invite potential lead providers here and then you will see a list of your current providers here. Each user can be both a lead provider and a business provider, by setting his info in his profile details.

Business Providers

When you add a business provider the app searches through your phone contacts and offers suggestions based on the email address you type. If the chosen contact doesn’t use the app an invitation email will be sent to him.


Leads are the contacts recommended by a Lead Provider to a Business Provider for a type of service. In this menu you can see your own leads, as well as the leads you received from your friends and leads you send to others.


We appreciate your feedback! Tell us what else could make our app more glorious and let’s build a useful, easy to reach leads platform!

“This is a very useful instrument! I always had problems trying to find the right person for my projects! Feel free to try it out!”

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